E-beam Sterilization

Core and Surface Sterilization / Decontamination by E-Beam (Electron Beam)

BETA BEAMS has developed an e-beam sterilization technology that can be integrated into a production line. This cost-effective technology requires no use of chemical products (EtO, H2O2). A quick and continuous process, it can be an alternative to gamma equipment and batch processing equipment. Moreover, its unique parameters allow for a high dose rate and low energy consumption.

Electron Beam (E-Beam) Sterilization: How Does it Work?

The electron beam process consists of exposing the products to an electron beam generator. When the product is subjected to this type of “beta-radiation”, the microorganisms within the product are rendered inactive. Studies have proven that single and double strand breaks in the DNA of the microorganisms appear when exposed to this type of radiation, thus leading to the product’s sterility.

Electron beam passing through a bottle

An electron beam has a greater or lesser penetration power according to its energy (expressed in electron volts, eV). Depending on the product to be treated, the energy required will not be the same.

Surface sterilization by E-beam

Design and integration of low-energy electron generators (up to 200 keV) for surface treatment (KeVac type treatment).

Core Sterilization by E-beam

Design and integration of 250 keV to 800 keV electron generators for sterilization of products at their core.

BETA BEAMS is able to:

  • Assess the compatibility of the product to be treated;
  • Carry out simulations to determine machine parameters and treatment configurations;
  • Supply equipment & carry out tests and installation at the customer’s facilities.

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