Electron Generators Products

Energy from 50 keV to 800 keV

BETA BEAMS provides electron generators over a wide energy range, from 50 keV to 800 keV, giving clients the choice for the most suitable solution.

Surface Sterilization BEAMS200k

Design and integration of KeVac-type electron generators (up to 200 keV) for surface treatment of products.

The electrons deposit their energy on the surface of the product to be treated and penetrate the material only slightly. This type of electron generator is suitable for treating products whose contents/interior do not need to be sterilized, e.g. tub nests for pre-filled syringes.

In addition, this low-energy equipment requires little shielding, making it easy to install on production lines.


Machine Parameters:

Energy 50 keV – 200 keV
Beam current Up to 4 mA
Normal use Industrial use

Core Sterilization BEAMS250-800

Design and integration of electron generators from 250 keV to 800 keV for the treatment of products at their core.

Depending on the desired energy, the electrons will penetrate thicker or thinner products in order to perform core sterilization, for example, of medical compresses.

To offer this range of energy, BETA BEAMS has developed electron generators using pulsed power technology. The pulsed mode consists in delivering a large quantity of electrons in an extremely short time (approximately a nanosecond), in order to achieve very high instantaneous dose rates.

Energy 250 keV – 800 keV
Beam current 6 kA
Frequency repetition Up to 100 Hz
Normal use Industrial use