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Supplier and Integrator of Electron Generators for Industrial Use

BETA BEAMS is primarily a multidisciplinary team with over 90 years of accumulated experience in the field of ionizing radiation. From research to after-sales service, including design, production and installation, BETA BEAMS expertly handles all the steps required to carry out a project, in line with customer constraints.

BETA BEAMS is is an entity of ITOPP.

Supplier of Electron Beam Generators

Feasibility studies

Maintenance & after sales

Wide range of energy,
from 50 kev to 800 keV
Design and size calculation
of electron beam equipment
Maintenance and technical
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Surface sterilization by E-beam

Design and integration of low-energy electron generators (up to 200 keV) for surface treatment (KeVac type treatment).

Core Sterilization by E-beam

Design and integration of 250 keV to 800 keV electron generators for sterilization of products at their core.

BETA BEAMS’ values

An expertise to support the client in carrying out their project.
A solution designed to meet the constraints of each client.
A clean technology, with no raw materials or waste to recycle & simplified logistics with an IN-HOUSE process.