E-Beam Sterilization
Industrial Decontamination

  Electron Generator Supplier
  Feasibility Studies
  Maintenance & After-sales Service

Electron Generator Supplier

BETA BEAMS has expertise on a wide range of energy, from 200 keV to 800 keV, offering diverse solutions according to the products to be treated.

Delivery of Feasibility Studies

BETA BEAMS carries out studies for industrial actors, which help to justify the most accurate technology choices, as well as the choices of machine parameters and constraints to consider when setting up electron beam equipment.

Maintenance and After-Sales Service

BETA BEAMS offers an after-sales service, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance of electron beam equipment.

Innovation for Health

BETA BEAMS is a manufacturer and supplier of electron generators designed for sterilization and decontamination operations in industrial environments. The company has an essential expertise in the field of ionizing radiation, and handles all the steps required for the development and integration of an e-beam equipment. Thus BETA BEAMS:

  • Provides electron generators with energies that range from 200 to 800 keV;
  • Offer feasibility studies to help industrials determine equipment technical parameters for treatment by e-beam;
  • Conduct preventive or curative maintenance of e-beam equipment.

BETA BEAMS is an ITOPP unit.